Class 11 English Sample Paper

Sample Paper Class 11

Please refer to the Class 11 English Sample Paper for the current academic year given below. We have provided the latest CBSE Sample Papers for Term 1 and Term 2 for English Class 11. All guess sample papers have been prepared based on the latest blueprint and examination pattern for the current year. All sample papers for English Class 11 Term 1 and 2 have been given with solutions. Students can access the multiple guess papers given below. Practicing more Class 11 English Sample Papers will help you to get more marks in upcoming exams.

CBSE Sample Papers for Class 11 English

Class 11 English Sample Paper Set A
Term 1 Sample Papers for Class 11 English
Class 11 English Sample Paper Term 1 Set A

Class 11 English Sample Paper Term 1 Set A

Section A – Reading

1. Read the passage given below :

We live in an age of wonders and miracles. It has been called the ‘Age of Science’, and different aspects of our life that changed in the preceding centuries have been attributed to science. This is completely true, but it is only one side of the coin. The flip side is that as we have advanced more in the field of technology, values such as empathy and concern for our fellow human beings are gradually being eroded.
Take the example of the Internet. On one hand, access to information and knowledge at the click of a button is a veritable boon to everyone (especially students) and this has made our lives much simpler. On the other hand, it has severely limited actual contact with teachers, friends and elders. Thus, the learning is incomplete because it lacks personal advice that a person gives on the basis of their knowledge and practical experiences.
Today, a small child can access and navigate the Internet with ease, but at the same time miss out on the basic human traits of friendship, relationships and family values. Owing to excessive technology, children often miss out on the most enriching childhood experiences, such as playing outdoor games with friends, which apart from being immensely enjoyable and physically exhilarating, also develop traits such as teamwork and discipline at an early age. As friendship is gradually being limited to virtual friends, it has harsh implications on the personality development of a child because the time spent with computers or mobile phones can never substitute for the holistic benefits of outdoor play. As for me, I think this age of rapid development has created at least as many problems as it has solved, if not more. The reason is that the basic goal of life, which should be the pursuit of happiness has now been replaced by the pursuit of money. Money and happiness are considered analogous in our present society, but they actually are not so. In this mindless pursuit of money, nobody has time now to appreciate the beauty of life, which consists not of multi- billion dollar skyscrapers, but a simple act of kindness to someone at the time of need.
So, there is an urgent need to stop for a moment and think about where we are actually heading- is it development or is it destruction? Do we have to wait until people have grown so much apart from each other that we cannot see the suffering of our own species due to our mindless greed, or can we still mend our ways?

Based on your understanding of the passage, answer ANY EIGHT questions from the nine given below.

(i) Give one point of evidence from the text that proves that it is like one side of the coin to say that life has changed owing to science.
Answer :
Different aspects of life have changed due to science. For example, values such as empathy and concern for our fellow human beings are gradually being eroded. So, it is only one side of the coin to say that life has changed owing to science.

(ii) State any one advantage of the internet mentioned in lines 8-10 in the passage.
Answer :
 Internet has enabled access to information and knowledge very easily.

(iii) What will be the consequence of our actions if we do not change our ways?
Answer :
 If we do not change our ways, human beings will not feel each other’s suffering.

(iv) How does the internet hamper the holistic growth of a child?
Answer : 
Because of excess use of technology, children miss childhood experiences like outdoor games. These activities develop traits such as teamwork and discipline at an early age. This hampers the holistic growth of the child.

(v) Rewrite the sentence replacing the underlined words with a word or phrase from lines 30 to 35 in the passage.
The relationship between a teacher and a student is similar in essence to that of a father and a child.
Answer : 

(vi) Why has the writer used the word ‘holistic’ to describe the benefits of outdoor play?
Answer :
 Holistic means complete or whole. Outdoor games are enjoyable and also teach lessons in teamwork and discipline. They also provide physical exercise. As such, they are holistic.

(vii) Use a suitable phrase from lines 40-45 of the passage to complete this sentence.
The thief decided to _______________________ after he listened to the sage’s advice on the fickleness of life.
Answer :
 The thief decided to mend his ways after he listened to the sage’s advice on the fickleness of life.

(viii) True happiness lies in simple acts of kindness. What acts of kindness are expected from a school- going child?
Answer :
 School-going children should be caring and kind. They should avoid being rude to others and help weak students in their studies. They should help old people and little children as much as they can.

(ix) What should be the basic goal of one’s life?
Answer : 
The basic goal of one’s life is the pursuit of happiness.

2. Read the following passage.

(1) Humour is infectious. The sound of roaring laughter is far more contagious than any cough, sniffle, or sneeze. When laughter is shared, it binds people together and increases happiness and intimacy. Best of all, this priceless medicine is fun, free, and easy to use.
(2) The ability to laugh, play, and have fun with others not only makes life more enjoyable but also helps you to solve problems. People who incorporate humour and play into their daily lives find that it renews them and all of their relationships.
(3) Life brings challenges that can either get the best of you or become playthings for your imagination. When you “become the problem” and take yourself too seriously, it can be hard to think out of the box and find new solutions. But when you play with the problem, you can often transform it into an opportunity for creative learning.
(4) Playing with problems seems to come naturally to children. When they are confused or afraid, they convert their problems into a game, giving them a sense of control and an opportunity to experiment with new solutions. Interacting with others in playful ways helps you retain this creative ability.
(5) As laughter, humour, and play become an integral part of your life, your creativity will flourish and new discoveries will occur to you daily. Humour takes you to a higher place where you can view the world from a more relaxed, positive, creative, joyful, and balanced perspective.

(A) On the basis of your reading the passage, make notes using recognisable abbreviations wherever necessary. Use a format you consider suitable, supply a suitable title.
Answer : Laughter- A Priceless Medicine

1. Physical changes in body:
1.1. strengthens immne system
1.2. boosts energy
1.3. dimnshs pain
1.4. protects from stress.

2. Benefits of laughter.
2.1. makes life more enjyble
2.2. helps solve problems
2.3. connects with others

3. Laughter – An Integral Part of life
3.1. makes one creative
3.2. helps to balance prspctive
3.3. makes one more relaxed & positive

(image) 45

(B) Make a short summary of the passage in about 50 words.
Answer : SUMMARY
Laughter is free, yet a priceless medicine. It makes the body healthy. Humour helps build better relationships. Problems are best solved by developing a child-like attitude of playing with them rather than brooding over them. Laughter should be an integral part of life to make it relaxed, positive and balanced.

Section B – Writing and Grammar

3. As President of the Residents Welfare Association of Mayur Colony, Delhi, design a poster in not more than 50 words for promoting cleanliness in the surroundings of your colony.
Answer : 
(image) 45

4. Attempt ANY ONE from (A) and (B) given below.

(A) You are Meena Saxena of Kanpur. You have come across an advertisement of a coaching centre that prepares students for Pre Medical Test. Write a letter to the Director of the institute asking for information that you require before you decide to join it.

(image) 31

Answer : 

7 Greater Colony,

21st January, 20XX

The Director
Sky-High Institute
25, High Street

Subject: Enquiry Regarding Coaching Classes.


This is with reference to your advertisement in ‘The Daily Times’ dated 18th January, 20XX. I am a student of Class XII and am preparing for pre-medical test. I am interested in joining your esteemed institute, but before I do so, I would like to have the following information.
I would like to know the duration and the timings of the course. What is the fee structure and the mode of payment? I would also like to know the strength of each batch and the success rate of your institute. Do you offer any discount to students who have excelled in academics?
I would be grateful if you could give me a prompt response so that I can take timely decision to join your institute.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely,
Meena Saxena

(B) “Private cars should be banned in the congested commercial areas of the cities.” Write a debate in 120-150 words either for or against the motion.
Answer : 

Private Cars should be banned

Respected Judges and teachers,

Today, I stand before you to present my views for the motion on the topic, ‘Private cars should be banned in the congested commercial areas of the cities’. There is no end to the number of vehicles being driven around the city each day. Traffic jams have become a rather common problem and have only increased in the last ten years. In my opinion, allowing private cars in congested commercial areas only adds to the problem. Long traffic jams do not only mean consumption of extra fuel but also more number of people suffering from respiratory diseases due to pollution. I strongly feel if people take public transport to work or hire a cab or car-pool and drive vehicles which run on CNG, the problem of constantly rising pollution and heavy traffic jams can be reduced drastically. The Earth belongs to all of us and it is our duty to safeguard it and keep it clean for our future generations. Thus, first step towards protecting our environment would be to stop abusing the available amount of petroleum and avoid creating pollution.

Thank you for listening to my views patiently.

5. A. Complete the following sentences with an appropriate word.

(i) Take as ____________ stamps as you need.
Answer : 

(ii) I ____________ (be) to the doctor. (Fill in the blank using the present perfect tense.)
Answer :
 I have been to the doctor.

B. Rearrange the given words to make meaningful sentences.

(i) had/winning a medal/he/my/I told him/until/about
Answer :
 He had not known about my winning a medal until I told him.

(ii) on/my bicycle/to/go/I used to/my school
Answer :
 I used to go to my school on my bicycle.

Section C – Literature

6. Answer the following questions within 30-40 words each.

(i) How can overfishing and decimation of forests prove harmful?
Answer :
 Overfishing may lead to stripping of fisheries. Then man will lose a rich source of protein. The decimation of forests will harm ecology. Moreover, several species of life that live in forest will face extinction.

(ii) How does the rain justify its claim: ‘I am the Poem of Earth’?
Answer :
 The poem ‘The Voice of the Rain,’ describes the cycle of rain. It shows how the rain rises out of the sea and is transformed into rain drops in the heavens. Thus, it is the poem of the earth.

(iii) What according to the poem, ‘Childhood’, is involved in the process of growing up?
Answer :
According to the poem, ‘Childhood’, the loss of childhood is involved in the process of growing up. This loss is compensated by some gains which come with adolescence.

7. Answer the following questions within 70-80 words each.

(i) Who was Joe Morgan? Why had he been waiting for Dr. Andrew Manson?


How did Einstein’s medical certificate prove useless?
Answer :
 Joe Morgan was a driller in Blaenelly, a mining town. He was a big, strong and heavy middle- aged person. Joe and his wife Susan, who had been married for nearly twenty years and were expecting their first child. Joe was waiting for the doctor to help Susan in the delivery of the child.


Einstein managed to get a medical certificate with the help of Yuri but before he could submit it to the head teacher, he was called by the teacher and was expelled from the school. The school authorities were of the opinion that he was turning rebellious. So the medical certificate proved useless.

(ii) Mothers should be respected not ignored. Examine the problem confronted by Mrs. Pearson under the light of this statement. Who helps her solve this problem and how?
Answer :
 Mrs. Pearson’s problem is that she is neglected by her husband and children. She is very fond of her family. She runs after them all the time, takes their orders as if she is their servant. She stays at home every night while they go out enjoying themselves. She takes no holiday. They have come to believe that she is there simply to look after them and wait for them. So they take, no notice of her. Her neighbour, Mrs. Fitzgerald, helps her solve this problem. She advises Mrs. Pearson to assert her rights as the mistress of the house if she wants them to treat her properly.

(iii) Give a brief account of the author ’s visit to the medical college at Darchen and the effect of the Tibetan medicines on him.
Answer : 
At first, the author was impressed neither by the building of the medical college nor the Tibetan doctor. The building looked like a monastery and the doctor himself appeared like any other Tibetan in a thick-pullover and wooly hat. He had no white coat.
The author, then, explained his sleepless symptoms and sudden aversion to lying down. The Tibetan doctor diagnosed his illness as a cold and effect of the altitude. So, he gave him a five- day course of Tibetan medicines in fifteen screws of paper. The medicines, which appeared to be quite ineffective, worked wonder and only after his first full day’s course, the author was able to sleep soundly at night. He woke up quite fresh the next day and recovered completely after the five-day course.

Class 11 English Sample Paper