Coal and Petroleum Exam Questions Class 8 Science

Exam Questions Class 8

Please refer to the Coal and Petroleum Notes Class 8 Science given below. These revision notes have been designed as per the latest NCERT, CBSE, and KVS books issued for the current academic year. Students will be able to understand the entire chapter in your class 8 th Science book. We have provided chapter-wise Notes for Class 8 Science as per the latest examination pattern.

Revision Notes Chapter 5 Coal and Petroleum Class 8 Science

Students of Class 8 Science will be able to revise the entire chapter and also learn all important concepts based on the topic-wise notes given below. Our best teachers for Grade 8 have prepared these to help you get better marks in upcoming examinations. These revision notes cover all important topics given in this chapter.

Question. What are the constituents of petroleum?
Answer :
1. Petroleum Gas
2. Petrol
3. Kerosene
4. Diesel
5. Lubricating oil
6. Paraffin wax
7. Bitumen

Question. What products are formed by the burning of coal? Write the uses of any product?
Answer : 
Coke, coal tar and coal gas are the products of coal.
Uses of Coke: It is a tough, porous and black substance. It is used in the manufacture of steel and in the extraction of many metals.

Question. Which methods can be applied to protect petroleum?
Answer :
1) Drive at a constant and moderate speed as far as possible
2) Switch off the engine at traffic lights
3) Ensure correct tyre pressure.
4) Ensure regular maintenance of the vehicle.

Question. How is petroleum formed? 
Answer :
 Dead organisms that got buried in the sea millions of years ago got covered with layers of sand and clay. Due to lack of air, high temperature, and high pressure, these dead organisms got transformed into petroleum and natural gas.