NCERT Book for Class 6 Social Science 

NCERT Books Class 6

Students can click on the chapter-wise links below to access NCERT Book for Class 6 Social Science and Download free PDF. We have provided the latest Social Science Grade 6 NCERT books which the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) has issued this year. To help students we have given below links to the full book and also for each chapter. Standard 6 Social Science students can download Pdf books for Class 6 and read online. We have provided all free NCERT CBSE books for Class 6 Social Science which you can download easily.

Class 6 Social Science NCERT Books Pdf Download

NCERT Book for Class 6 Social Science has been updated based on the latest syllabus issued by CBSE. Standard 6th Social Science students should properly learn all chapters given in these books as questions in Social Science Class 6th exams will be asked from NCERT textbooks. All schools and teachers always recommend downloading and reading NCERT ebooks as all concepts have been properly explained in these books. Grade 6 Social Science students should also do questions given in the exercises at the end of each chapter and also refer to NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Social Science.

Chapter-Wise NCERT Textbooks for Social Science Class 6

Class 6 Social Science NCERT Book

NCERT Book for Class 6 Social Studies History Our Past

NCERT Book for Class 6 Social Studies The Earth Our Habitat

NCERT Book for Class 6 Social Studies Hamare Ateet

NCERT Book for Class 6 Social Studies Social And Political Life

NCERT Book for Class 6 Social Studies Samajik Evem Rajnitik Jeevan

NCERT Book for Class 6 Social Studies Prithavi Hamara Avas (Bhugol)

NCERT Book for Class 6 Social Studies Hamare Maazi (Urdu)

NCERT Book for Class 6 Social Studies Zameen Hamara Maskan (Urdu)

NCERT Book for Class 6 Social Studies Samazi Aur Siyasi Zindagi (Urdu)

NCERT Books For Class 6 History

Chapter 1: What Where, How and When?

Chapter 2-a: On The Trail Of The Earliest People

Chapter 2-b: From Hunting – Gathering to Growing Food

Chapter 3: In the Earliest Cities

Chapter 4: What Books and Burials Tell Us

Chapter 5: Kingdoms, Kings and an Early Republic

Chapter 6: New Questions and Ideas

Chapter 7: Ashoka, The Emperor who Gave up War

Chapter 8: Vital Villages, Thriving Towns

Chapter 9: Traders, Kings and Pilgrims

Chapter 10: New Empires and Kingdoms

Chapter 11: Buildings, Paintings and Books

NCERT Books Class 6 Political Science

Chapter 1: Understanding Diversity

Chapter 2: Diversity and Discrimination

Chapter 3: What is Government?

Chapter 4: Key Elements of a Democratic Government

Chapter 5: Panchayati Raj

Chapter 6: Rural Administration

Chapter 7: Urban Administration

Chapter 8: Rural Livelihoods

Chapter 9: Urban Livelihoods

NCERT Textbooks For Class 6 Geography

Chapter 1: The Earth in the Solar System

Chapter 2: Globe: Latitudes and Longitudes

Chapter 3: Motions of the Earth

Chapter 4: Maps

Chapter 5: Major Domains of the Earth

Chapter 6: Major Landforms of the Earth

Chapter 7: Our Country – India

Chapter 8: India: Climate, Vegetation and Wildlife

NCERT Books For Class 6 Social In Hindi

अध्याय 1: क्या, कब, कहाँ और कैसे?

अध्याय 2: आखेट – खाद्य संग्रह से उत्पादन तक

अध्याय 3: आरंभिक नगर

अध्याय 4: क्या बताती हैं हमें किताबें और कब्रें

अध्याय 5: राज्य, राजा और एक प्राचीन गणराज्य

अध्याय 6: नए प्रश्न नए विचार

अध्याय 7: अशोक: एक अनोखा सम्राट जिसने युद्ध का त्याग किया

अध्याय 8: खुशहाल गावँ और समृद्ध शहर

अध्याय 9: व्यापारी, राजा और तीर्थयात्री

अध्याय 10: नए साम्राज्य और राज्य

अध्याय 11: इमारतें, चित्र तथा किताबें

NCERT Books For Class 6 Geography In Hindi

पाठ 1: सौरमंडल से पृथ्वी

पाठ 2: ग्लोब: अक्षांश एवं देशांतर

पाठ 3: पृथ्वी की गतियां

पाठ 4: मानचित्र

पाठ 5: पृथ्वी के प्रमुख परिमंडल

पाठ 6: पृथ्वी के प्रमुख स्थलमंडल

पाठ 7: हमारा देश: भारत

पाठ 8: भारत: जलवायु, वसस्पति तथा वन्य प्राणी

NCERT Book for Class 6 Social Science 

It’s important for Social Science students in Class 6 to refer to NCERT textbooks as these books are used in school exams and in various other exams too. NCERT has designed these books keeping in consideration the requirements of Class 6 students. The concepts given in Grade 6th Social Science books are easy to understand.

We have provided here a collection of the latest NCERT e-textbooks for Class 6 Social Science which the students will be able to download in Pdf and read them later. We have also provided Worksheets for Social Science Class 6 which have a lot of important questions and answers which can be really useful for students to gain more knowledge of all subjects.

Advantages of NCERT Books for Social Science Class 6

a) NCERT Books for Class 6 Social Science are really helpful to prepare for upcoming exams as most of the questions will be asked from these books.

b) Textbooks by NCERT for Social Science Grade 6th have been designed based on the latest syllabus issued for the current academic year.

c) All ebooks issued by CBSE and NCERT are free for standard 6th Social Science students. You can download all books in Pdf free from our website.

d) All chapters in Class 6 Social Science books have properly explained concepts followed by questions for which we have provided solutions.

e) Students in Class 6 will not have to refer to any other book if they read these CBSE books.

Frequently Asked Questions

From which website can I download the current year’s latest NCERT books for Class 6 Social Science?

You can download the latest NCERT textbooks for Class 6 Social Science in Pdf from

Is there a way to easily download Pdf of each chapter of NCERT books for Social Science Grade 6th?

It is recommended to download the NCERT textbook for Class 6th Social Science for each chapter. We have provided links to help you download each chapter in your Social Science textbook for class 6th.

How can I get links to download the latest Grade 6 NCERT Social Science ebooks for the current academic year?

On our portal, you can refer to the links provided above to download books Social Science for standard 6 for the current year.

What is the charge to download NCERT ebooks for Class 6 Social Science?

CBSE books for Social Science Class 6 are available here for free download from our website.