The Hundred Dresses 2 Exam Questions Class 10 English

Exam Questions Class 10

Please see Chapter 6 The Hundred Dresses 2 Exam Questions Class 10 English below. These important questions with solutions have been prepared based on the latest examination guidelines and syllabus issued by CBSE, NCERT, and KVS. We have provided Class 10 English Questions and answers for all chapters in your NCERT Book for Class 10 English . These solved problems for Glimpses of India in Class 10 English will help you to score more marks in upcoming examinations.

Exam Questions Chapter 6 The Hundred Dresses 2 Class 10 English

Short Answer Questions

Question. What did Maddie notice when she looked at the drawing given to her by Wanda?
Answer :
Maddie looked at the dresses with vivid colours that Wanda drew. She did not look at the faces. Later, she realised that Wanda had drawn the beautiful dresses for Maddie and Peggy with their faces to match.

Question. What do humans do to other human beings who lived thousands of years ago
Answer :
Human beings hold their ancestors in great respect.

Question. Why did Peggy and Maggie go to Boggins Heights?
Answer :
Peggy and Maddie went to Boggins Heights to meet Wanda and apologies for being so thoughtless to her. They also wanted to tell her not to leave the school and promise to fight
anyone who was nice to her.

Question. What does the poet wish to do at the beginning of the poem?
Answer :
The poet wishes he could transform and become one with animals.

Long Answer Questions

Question. Compare and contrast the characters of Maddie and Peggy.
Answer :
Although Maddie and Peggy were friends, they differed considerably in their attitude towards
Wanda. While Peggy took delight in teasing Wanda, Maddie did not quite like it as she too was not a very rich girl. When Miss Mason read Jan Petronski’s letter to the class Maddie was deriding herself for being a coward who did not have the courage to stand up to help a girl who was being ridiculed. Peggy, too, felt that she had contributed to Wanda’s going away but she had no regrets and covered her feelings with pretended casualness. She suggested that they go and meet Wanda at Boggs Heights to which Maddie readily agreed. When the two were unable to meet the Petronski’s, Peggy felt that they had done their part and even thought that she should be given credit for giving Wanda new ideas for her dresses. Maddie on the other hand is penitent and decides never to treat anyone or allow anyone to be treated the way Wanda was.