VBQs Collection of Data Class 11 Economics

VBQs for Class 11

VBQs Collection of Data Class 11 Economics with solutions has been provided below for standard students. We have provided chapter wise VBQ for Class 11 Economics with solutions. The following Collection of Data Class 11 Economics value based questions with answers will come in your exams. Students should understand the concepts and learn the solved cased based VBQs provided below. This will help you to get better marks in class 11 examinations.

Collection of Data VBQs Class 11 Economics

Very Short Answer Type Questions

Question. What do you mean by primary data?
Answer :
 Primary data are original data which are collected by investigator himself or by enumerates deployed by the investigator for specified purpose.

Question. Write the meaning of population in statistics.
Answer :
 In statistics population or universe simply refers to an aggregate of items to be studied for an investigation.

Question. What is sampling error?
Answer :
 sampling error is the difference between the result of studying a sample and the result of the census of the whole population.

Question. Write the name of statistical method which is less expensive and time saving.
Answer : 
Sampling survey.

Question. Expand NSSO.
Answer :
 National sample survey organisation.