Worksheet for Class 11 English Letter of Complaint

Worksheets for Class 11

Letter of Complaint Class 11 English

Question. You are Mr. Rakesh Gupta of 7-G, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi. You bought LAVA 4 phone from Mobizone, Pocket 4, Main Market, Sarita Vihar but the phone was defective; it was heating up while charging, battery was getting discharged fast and was hanging up. Write a letter of complaint to the Manager LAVA India Pvt. Ltd., 47 Connaught Place, New Delhi.

7-G, Sarita Vihar
New Delhi
20 March, 20XX
The Manager
LAVA India Pvt. Ltd.
47, Connaught Place
New Delhi

Subject : Complaint about LAVA-4 bill no.-4567 dated 16 March, 20XX.

It was with great expectations that I bought LAVA-4 bill no. 4567 dated 16 March, 20XX from Mobizone, Pocket 4, Main Market, Sarita Vihar, as a gift for my daughter on her birthday. However, it turned out to be a disappointment. The phone has several problems and when I contacted Mobizone for redressal they stated that the manufacturing and other defects can be redressed by the company only. The phone has the following problems:
1. It heats up rapidly while charging.
2. The battery gets discharged within an hour, even if it gets charged after a great deal of efforts.
3. The phone hangs up frequently.

I sincerely hope that the phone will be replaced at the earliest as it is quite evident that there is some manufacturing defect.

Waiting for a positive reply from your end.
Yours truly
Rakesh Gupta

Question. You are Manohar Singh, resident of 769, Geetanjali Park, Delhi. You purchased an electric iron a month ago. But after using it for a month, you found that the temperature control does not work and power consumption is too high. Complete the letter of complaint to the Customer Service Manager, M/s Evans Electrical Products, 32, Dayanand Vihar,Delhi.

769, Geetanjali Park
11 March 20××
The (i) …………………………….
M/s Evans Electrical Products
32, Dayanand Vihar

Subject: Complaint against (ii) …………………………….

I purchased Easy Electric Iron, Model No. 2279, vide cash memo no. RF22, dated 12th Feb., 20×× from your showroom.
I wish to express my dissatisfaction with the above iron. After using it for a month, I found that the temperature control was (iii) ……………………………. . It is not possible to set it for any temperature apart from the highest, for cotton. Though it has 5-star rating, the power (iv) ……………………………. is unusually high and gives out uneven steam.

As the iron clearly does not comply with the legal standards of product quality, I wish to get it replaced with (v) ……………………………. one as it is in the warranty period. I look forward to hear from you at the earliest.

Yours faithfully
Manohar Singh

Question. Write a letter to M/S Bright Future, 29 Nai Sarak, Delhi, complaining about the delay in the delivery of the books you have ordered from them. You are Suarabh/Surabhi of 627,Mahatma Gandhi Road, Saharanpur.
627, Mahatma Gandhi Road
April 4, 20XX
M/S Bright Future
29 Nai Sarak, Delhi

Subject: Complaint about (a) _________________________________

I am writing to express my concern regarding the delay in the delivery of the books ordered on March 23, 20XX against Bill No. M/2909. The list of books includes:

1. The Mayor of Casterbridge – 5 Pcs.
2. The Duchess of Malfi – 5 Pcs.
3. The Alchemist – 2 Pcs.
4. A Glossary of Literary Terms – 3 Pcs.
I am being a little embarrassed at the behest of the students who were (b) __________________________________ mentioned above by the end of the month. The advance taken from the students is also being repaid (c) _______________________________ causing unrest. Hope the next consignment that was placed last week gets your kind attention and that we receive it on time.

Yours sincerely
Saurabh Shukla

Question. You are Sunil Kapoor, resident of 43/9, Geet Enclave, Delhi. You visited Dalhousie with your family during the summer vacation. You booked two double suites at Lake View Resort. Your stay at the hotel fell far short of the description in the brochure. Complete the letter of complaint to the Customer Service Department to refund for your hotel stay.

43/9, Geet Enclave
12 June 20××
Customer Service Department
(i) …………………………….

Subject: Complaint about the double suites

Re: Holiday reference number CT2118M
I (ii) ……………………………. two double suites in rooms 213 and 214 at your resort for a week from 20.05.20×× to 26.05.20×× for me and my family. My main complaint is that the hotel fell far (iii) ……………………………. of the description in the brochure.
Although the rooms were billed as four-star accommodation, they were cramped, and the furnishings were worn and dirty. The hotel grounds, described in the brochure as “pleasant, tranquil, and spacious,” were in fact next to a busy main road. The swimming pool was (iv) ……………………………. for repairs.
I registered a formal complaint with the Front Office detailing these issues. I feel that we are due a full (v) ……………………………. for this hotel stay as it failed to meet our expectations and ruined our holiday. Looking forward to a prompt reply.

Yours faithfully
Sunil Kapoor

Question. You are Arihant/Aparajita, the Sports Secretary of Sunshine High School. You have received the parcel of sports articles ordered by you, some of which are defective and old. Write a letter of complaint to Messer New Sports, Meerut, the supplier of the articles.
Sunshine High School
Civil Lines
New Delhi
Date: 19 May 20XX
The Manager
Messer New Sports
New Mall Road

Subject: Complaint regarding (a) ____________________________

Dear Sir,
I am writing to you in the capacity of the sports secretary of Sunshine High School.
We had visited your showroom a week back and, after checking the goods there, as per our requirement, we had placed an order.
Through this letter, I would like to draw your kind attention towards the parcel of sports articles delivered by your organisation to us. Though the delivery was very prompt, some of the articles delivered are defective and old.
I request you to kindly (b) ____________________________ with new and proper quality articles as soon as possible.
Please let us know (c) _______________________________________, failing which we would have to take strict action.

Yours sincerely
Sports Secretary

Question. You are Suresh/Sarika Jain of H.No. 20, Jawahar Nagar, Jaipur. Two months ago, you bought a desert cooler from M/S Cool Home, 21 C, Malviya Nagar, Jaipur. Over time, the cooler is not cooling as effectively as it used to. Write a letter to the Manager (Customer Care), M/S Cool Home, complaining about the malfunctioning of the unit and asking them to repair, or if needed, replace the piece.
H.No 20, Jawahar Nagar
Jaipur, Rajasthan
March 3, 20XX

M/S Cool Home
21C, Malviya Nagar
Jaipur, Rajasthan

Subject: Complain about a faulty desert cooler

It’s really very disillusioning to (a) ________________________ that a desert cooler bought a couple of months ago from your reputed showroom M/S Cool Home, Malviya Nagar, Jaipur,has (b) _________________________. With the onset of early summer, the sudden (c) ______________________________ has hit our lifestyle under wild, scorching and unbearable heat.
Since the unit is under warranty, I would like you to kindly replace it with a new one. We shall appreciate your prompt response.

Yours truly
Suresh Jain

Question. The washing machine you bought has started giving trouble and is making a loud noise.Write a letter to the washing machine dealer about the same and request him to replace the washing machine at the earliest. Invent details on your own. You are Katrina/Kavi.
4, Ashok Vihar
Phase I
New Delhi
Date: 5 March 20XX
M/s Gupta and Company
Kamla Nagar

Subject: Complaint regarding recently purchased washing machine

I purchased a Glido Washing Machine from your outlet vide Cash Memo No. 0702 on 1 February 20XX.
The engineer set up the entire system for us and explained (a) ______________________,including the various wash options. For 20 days the washing machine worked satisfactorily. Soon after, it has started making a loud noise while it is wringing the clothes and sometimes even stops on its own, all of a sudden.
Since this machine is within the guarantee period, I request you to (b) ______________________Please let me know by when you would be getting the piece replaced. Since we are not home weekdays, it would be suitable if the exchange happens on a Sunday.
I have been your regular customer, and have purchased articles on your recommendation.
I hope this relationship continues and is (c) ______________________.

Yours sincerely

Question. You are Upendra/Rashika, staying at 3 Jawahar Nagar, Jaipur. Last year, you bought a Celtel telephone answering system from the Electronic World in Chandigarh. The answering machine is malfunctioning. The recorded message in the answering system gets deleted as soon as it is heard once. Write a letter to the dealer explaining the problem. Request him to replace it, if needed, against the warranty that goes with it.

3 Jawahar Nagar
April 21, 20XX
M/s Electronic World

Subject: Defective Celtel telephone answering system

It is certainly very (a) _______________________ you that I bought a Celtel telephone answering system from your shop Electronic World, Chandigarh. But the answering machine
is troubling as it is (b) __________________________________ in the answering system. The recorded message automatically gets deleted as soon as it is heard once. Many important messages kept in the device have already been deleted due to which I had to face a lot of problems.
The invoice with your shop’s stamp and warranty card is being enclosed for your kind redressal. Subsequently, you are requested (c) __________________________________ at the earliest as it is still in full warranty. Hope you address my issue with grave concern.

Thanking you in anticipation.
Yours sincerely
Upendra Nagpal

Question. You are Vinita Das, a resident of 112, Tower No. 746, Green Apartments,Ravi Vihar, Agra. You are receiving faulty electricity bills for the past three months. Complete the letter of complaint to the Consumer Grievances Cell, PVVNL, Naya Bazar, Agra highlighting the problem.
112, Tower No. 746
Green Apartments
Ravi Vihar
4 April 20××
(i) …………………………….
Naya Bazar

Subject: Complaint against (ii) …………………………….

I shifted to Ravi Vihar four months back. I wish to register a complaint against faulty billing.
I have (iii) ……………………………. my first bill at this address, despite contacting you several times to ask for one. I requested for monthly bills on 10th February and 7th March an haven’t received them till date. I have also edited my online account and made necessary changes in the residential address on I (iv) ……………………………. the accuracy of my bill before on the phone on several occasions before and you were unable to give a single response. I am unhappy with the level of customer service you have given me.
Kindly provide a copy of the first two electricity bills produced as early as possible.Please reply in writing within 10 days. If you (v) ……………………………. in time, I will consider taking the matter further.

Yours faithfully
Vinita Das

Question. You are Mahima / Mahim of 37, Raj Nagar, Jaipur, Write a letter to the General Manager J.T.C. complaining about inadequate bus service in your area and requesting him to take urgent steps in the matter. 
Answer. 37, Raj Nagar
31 March 20××
The General Manager,
Jaipur Transport Corporation

Subject : Poor Bus Service

I would like to inform you that in our area i.e., Raj Nagar the bus service is very poor. Very few buses ply through our area which creates a lot of inconvenience to the people. The area is a bit away and residents need to go to every part of the city. Therefore, you are requested to arrange more buses in this area so that the people do not face the problem of transportation.
I hope you will take some action and do the needful as soon possible.

Thanking You
Yours sincerely

Question. You are Ravi / Ravina. You bought a pair of shoes from M/s Shoe line, Halwasiya Market, Rakabganj,Lucknow. On unpacking them you found to your surprise, that both the shoes are meant for your right foot. Write a letter of complaint to the Manager of M/s Shoe line, asking for replacement at their cost.
Answer. 14, Napier Town,
27 May 20××
The Manager
M/s Shoe line,

Halwasiya Market,
Rakabganj, Lucknow.

Subject : Complaint for defective pair of shoes.

Through this letter of mine, I wish to inform you that I had purchased a pair of shoes on the receipt no.10579 from your shop on 25th May, 20××. It is of XYZ brand and the item no. is S15. On unpacking the box at home I found that both the shoes are for right foot.
I, therefore, request you to kindly replace the pair with a new one or refund the money.I will be thankful if the matter can be attended to at the earliest.

Thanking you
Yours faithfully

Question. You are the Principal of Hallmark School, Ramnagar. During rainy season the roads around your school get broken and develop pot holes. This leads to a lot of inconvenience to the staff and students of the school. Write a letter of complaint to the Municipal Commissioner, Ramnagar in 100–120 words.

Answer. Hallmark School
53, Link Road
30 July 20××
The Municipal Commissioner,

Subject : Bad condition of Roads

I would like to bring to your notice the bad condition of the roads in our area through this letter.For the last four months the road has been almost impassable. We have made several complaints. But the problem is being neglected for a long time. The surface of the road is broken by the heavy rains. There are heaps of road material on both sides of the road. They leave only little room in the middle. The side drains are blocked and the water flows out. So, the road gets flooded even after a slight rain. There are pot-holes on the road. The broken culvert is also a danger for vehicles.
The students and staff are facing a lot of problems. Kindly look into the matter and do the needful.

Yours sincerely
K.V. Rana

Question. You bought a flat at Ganpati Apartments, Mathura but within a period of two months, you have started facing a lot of problems like seepage in the walls and ceilings, leaking sanitary fittings, lift getting stalled etc. Write a letter of complaint in 100 – 120 words to the Works Manager. You are Nidhi.

Answer. A-9/GE
Ganpati Apartments
25 Feb 20××
The Works Manager
PQR Builders
Sector 59

Subject : Complaint Regarding the Flat

Dear Sir,
Through this letter of mine, I would like to inform you that I had bought a flat in the month of May from PQR Builders at Ganpati Apartments, but I am very disappointed that the quality, that you had promised,has not been delivered.
Not even a year has passed and we have already started facing a lot of problems. There is seepage in the walls and ceilings. The wall paint is peeling off and even the sanitary fittings are leaking. But the greatest inconvenience is caused because of the lift. It gets stalled every now and then and we, especially the senior citizens, have to face a lot of problems.
We did not expect these kind of services from a renowned builder like you. Kindly look into the matter and do the needful.

Thanking you
Yours sincerely

Question. You are Rohan / Rohini of Sakinaka, Mumbai. You bought an expensive wrist watch last week. Now you realize that it is not functioning properly. Write a letter to the Manager, Titan Watch works, Mumbai, complaining about it and requesting him to repair it or replace it immediately.
Answer. MIG Flats, Sakinaka
20 May 20××
The Manager
Titan Watch Works

Subject : Complaint against Defective Watch

I am a resident of Mumbai. I had bought an expensive wrist watch of your company from a shop here. But I regret to inform you that it is not working properly. I have to reset its time again and again yet it lags one hour behind the time.
Through this letter, I request you to replace the watch or get it repaired by deputing someone to do this job at the earliest.

Thanking you
Yours sincerely

Question.Write a letter to M/s V.P.Appliances, C-24 Devpuri, Mumbai, complaining that the Geyser supplied by them has stopped working in less than a week. Sign yourself as Gourav of 52, Tilak Marg, Mumbai.

52, TilakMarg
8th July,2019
The Manager
M/s V.P.Appliances
C-24 Devpuri


Sub: Complaint about Geyser

I purchased an Eskom Geyser from your company vide cash memo no. 310 dt. 23rd June 2019 with a warrantee of one year.
I regret to inform you that it stopped working after 4 days. It does not heat Water. The green light signal shows that it is on but it does not give hot water.Please send your mechanic to rectify the fault or replace the geyser with a new One.