Madam Rides the Bus Exam Questions Class 10 English

Exam Questions Class 10

Please see Chapter 9 Madam Rides the Bus Exam Questions Class 10 English below. These important questions with solutions have been prepared based on the latest examination guidelines and syllabus issued by CBSE, NCERT, and KVS. We have provided Class 10 English Questions and answers for all chapters in your NCERT Book for Class 10 English . These solved problems for Madam Rides the Bus in Class 10 English will help you to score more marks in upcoming examinations.

Exam Questions Chapter 9 Madam Rides the Bus Class 10 English

Short Answer Type Questions:

Question. Why did Valli find the elderly woman absolutely repulsive?
The elderly woman who was sitting beside Valli in the bus looked absolutely repulsive to Valli.
She had big holes in her ears and had ugly earrings in them. She didn’t relish the smell of the betel nut that she was chewing. The betel juice was about to spill over her lips at any moment. She couldn’t be social with such a woman.

Question. Imagine Valli had to plan a day-long budget trip to a domestic destination for her family all by herself. What things do you think she would keep in mind while planning?
Ans. If Valli had to plan a day-long budget trip to a domestic destination for her family all by herself she would keep many things in her mind Like the details of the journey, bus fare. Location of the destination, timings of the bus, etc.

Question. Give examples from the text to show that Valli was a meticulous planner.
 Valli was a meticulous planner. She listened carefully to the conversations between her neighbours and people who regularly used the bus and also asked discreet questions. She picked up various small details about the bus journey and then planned.

Question. Why does Valli stand up on the seat ? What does she see naw?
Ans. The canvas blind of the window has cut-off half of Vatli’s outside view from the window. So, she stands up on her sect to take a view from the upper half of the window. Naw, she can see green fields and canals.

Question. Do you think VallFs mother would have taken her for the bus ride if she had requested her to do so? Why/ Why not?
Ans. Yes, I think if Valli wou ld have asked her motherto take her for the bus ride, her mother would have surety token her for that It wasn’t o Longdistance journey or an expensive one If it was possible for VaUi to save the money and gather the details for the bus fare, it would be easier for her mother to da that and a mother would never say ‘no’ to any small desire of a child.

Question. Imagine you come across a little girl travelling alone on a bus. Write down any two questions you would ask her and your reasons for asking them.
Ans. I would ask the girl the following two questions:
(1) Are you travelling with o family member or are you alone?
Reason: I would wont to ensure if the girl is being accompanied by someone who is known to her or if she is travelling all alone.
(2) Do you know the details of the Location that you are visiting? Madam Rides the Bus
Reason: I would ask her rf she knows the details of the place she wants to visit to ensure she doesn’t get Lost in the city, especially when she is travelling all alone.

Question. Why does Valli refuse to Look out of the window on her way back?
Ans. Valli sees that the young cow that was running on her onward journey was lying dead by the  roadside The sight of the dead cow haunts her, dampening her enthusiasm So, she refuses to look out of the window on her way back.

Question. What was the most fascinating thing that Valid saw on the street?
Ans. The most fascinating thing that Valli saw an the street was the bus that travelled between the village and the nearest town The sight of the bus loaded with passengers was a source of unending joy for Valli.

Question. What did Valli see on her way that made her Laugh?
Ans. On her journey to the city, Valli saw a young cow that was running very fast right in the middle of the road, in front of the bus. The driver honked to remove the caw ta the side of the road but rt gat scared ond hence, ran even faster. The funny sight of the cow made Valli laugh.

Question. Why does the conductor refer to Valli as ’madam’?
Ans. The conductor is amused to see an eight-year old girl behaving like an adult and in jest, he calls her madam’.

Long Answer Type Questions:

Question. Justify the statement with instances that Valla was a mature girl and ahead of her age?
 Valli was an eight-year-old village girl. She had no playmates. Her favourite pastime was to stand at the doorstep and watch things and people. She not only satisfied her curiosity but also gained new experiences. Her strongest desire was to make a bus-ride. She meticulously planned for it — gathered information about the distance, time and ticket money. Showing self-restraint, she resisted the temptation to buy peppermint, toys or a ride on the merry-go-round in order to save 60 paise for the bus journey. She boarded the bus without anyone’s help, refused a free treat by the conductor and didn’t talk to strangers. This shows her commanding, confident and self-dependent nature. This also shows her determination and maturity at such a little age.

Question. Why does Valli refuse to look out of the window on her way back?
On her way to the town, Valli laughed heartily to see a young cow running at high speed in the middle of the road just in front of their bus. But on her way back, she saw a young cow lying dead near the road. She asked the bus conductor if it was the same cow that was running in front of the bus. The bus conductor nodded. She was shocked and sad. So she refuses to look out of the window on her way back because what was so beautiful a little while ago now looked so horrible. The memory of the dead cow haunts her. It dampens her enthusiasm.

Question. An eight-y ear old girl travelling alone on a bus. Is it fight on the girl’s part to take this  journey? What would have happened if she had informed her mother before leaving?
Ans. An eight-year old girl travelling alone is quite an unusual scenario. It was not right on Va Ill’s part to take this journey alone. Anything could have gone wrong with her during her journey. The bus might not hove returned in time or would have returned the next day. She had not informed her mother about it so, if the bus hod been delayed due to unknown reasons, her family wouLdn’t have known anything about their child. It was really fortunate that she got caring co-passengers and a helpful conductor. If Valli had informed her mother before Leaving, either her mother would have refused to let her go aLone or she would have accompanied her on the ride.