Animals Exam Questions Class 10 English

Exam Questions Class 10

Please see Chapter 6 Animals Exam Questions Class 10 English below. These important questions with solutions have been prepared based on the latest examination guidelines and syllabus issued by CBSE, NCERT, and KVS. We have provided Class 10 English Questions and answers for all chapters in your NCERT Book for Class 10 English . These solved problems for Animals in Class 10 English will help you to score more marks in upcoming examinations.

Exam Questions Chapter 6 Animals Class 10 English

Short Answer Type Questions:

Question. Why according to the poeti animals do not ‘wake and weep’ for their sins?
Ans. The poet believes that animals are pure souls They don’t commit any crime or sm and hence,  don’t have to repent for the same by crying and asking God for forgiveness the entire night

Question. Why don’t animals “sweat and whine’ about their condition?
Ans. Animals don’t ‘sweat and whine’ about their conditions as they are satisfied with what they have in their life. They don’t expect more and never get sod on not receiving it 

Question. What qualities in the animals fascinate the poet in the poem ‘Animals’ ?
Ans. The qualities of placidity, self-dependence, complacence and simplicity of the animals fascinate  the poet.

Question. Explain: “the mania of owning things’ .
Ans. The habit of owning things by humans has been called a mania”.

Question. A misanthrope is a person who dislikes humankind. Do you think the poet is a  misanthrope? Provide a rationale to support your response.
Ans. Yes. the poet could be said to be a misanthrope. He disliked the fact that human today have no warm feelings ar virtues that they possessed in the past H e was so disappointed with the humankind that he wanted to live with animals rather than amongst humans.

Question. Does Whitman believe that animals and humans are essentially similar? Provide one reason to support your opinion
Ans. No, the poet didn’t believe that the animals and humans are essentially similar. He believed that humans were once as innocent and selfsatisfied as animals but with the passage of time, they lost their natural values which animals managed to preserve theirs. 

Question. How would you evaluate the poet’s opinion on religion?
Ans. The poet has said in one of the stanza of the poem that animals do not have to repent or pray to God to ask Him for forgiveness as animals are innocent and da not commit any sins or crimes. Through this, we can tell that the poet thinks that people do not really follow their religions. Rather they remember God only when they need forgiveness.

Question. What are the tokens that the animals give to the poet?
Ans. The tokens that the animals give the poet are the qualities of innocence, simplicity and  contentment These are the qualities that man had, but now has left them on his journey towards a materialistic world.

Question. What is the central idea of the poem Animals?
Ans. The poem draws a contrast between humans and) animals. With the passage of ti me, humans have forgotten all those good qualities that they possessed and have become uncivilized beasts who are extremely jealous, greedy, egoistic, hypocrite. Lusty and discontent However, the animals have been successful to carry the similar virtues that they had in them from the beginning of the world.

Question. The poet has an exaggerated and idealized perception of animal Irfe. Do you agree? Why /Why not? 
Ans. Yes, I think the poet has on exaggerated and! idealized perception of animal life. It’s a fact that animals are pure souls who do not commit any sins or crimes. But they are not as satisfied and calm as depicted by the poet In the wild Life, even the animals have to survive by killing other innocent animals or snatching away their shore of food. ’Survival of the fittest’ is the rule everywhere The animats are greedy too. Hence, I think the poet has exaggerated the piousness of the animal kingdom.

Question.  Walt Whitman wrote this poem towards the end of the nineteenth century. How might it be different if he were to write it today?
Ans. If Walt Whitman whould have to write this poem today, then I suppose it would be even more audacious than the present version. As humans have become mare uncivilized and seLfish with the passage of time, the poet would have described it more sarcastically. Humans today have Lost oil their virtues. Hence, the reality in the poem about human values would have been uglier if the poet would hove written it today.

Long Answer Type Questions:

Question. How can you relate BaLoo’s words in The Jungle Book’—“They 11 ruin him. They’ll make a man out of him!— to the poem ‘Animals’ by Walt Whitman? 

Animals Exam Questions Class 10 English

Ans. Bateas words—They’ll ruin him. They’ll make a man out of him Taptly fit to the poem ‘Animals’ . According to the poet, the animals re pure souls who ore calm. composed, satisfied, and happy. They da not possess any ‘mania’ of acquiring wealth or materials. They have been able to preserve their natural values of innocence in them Baloo rightly said that if Mowgli would live amongst man, he would be ruined by them as Men are so greedy cold-hearted, insincere and hypocrite beings They would moke him one of them The poet has the same idea about humans in the poem ‘Animats’.