The Hack Driver Exam Questions Class 10 English

Exam Questions Class 10

Please see Chapter 8 The Hack Driver Exam Questions Class 10 English below. These important questions with solutions have been prepared based on the latest examination guidelines and syllabus issued by CBSE, NCERT, and KVS. We have provided Class 10 English Questions and answers for all chapters in your NCERT Book for Class 10 English . These solved problems for The Hack Driver in Class 10 English will help you to score more marks in upcoming examinations.

Exam Questions Chapter 8 The Hack Driver Class 10 English

Short Answer Type Questions

Question. Oliver Lutkins had to be served summons to appear as a witness in a law case. Why do you think he had ignored all their letters thus far and successfully thwarted their attempt at serving summons?
Ans. Oliver Lutkins had to be served; summons to appear in a law case. But he successfully thwarted the attempts by the court as he didn’t want to be present at the court in the form of a witness. He didn’t want to be the victim of a proceeding. So, he always ignored the letters sent by the Law firm.

Question. Why did Lutkins pretend to be Bill Magnuson? 
Ans. Lutkins didn’t want to appear before the court as a witness. When he got to know that the narrator was there to serve summons on him. he disguised himself as Bill Magnuson just to befool the narrator. He wanted the narrator to go back empty-handed. 

Question. Why was the narrator sent back to New Mullion the next day?
Ans. The lawyer was sent back to New Mullion to serve summons on Lutkins. He had failed in his mission earlier. This time another man who had worked with Lutkins was also sent with him.

Question. Do you think the Lawyer was gullible? How could he have avoided being taken for a ride? 
Ans. Yes, the narrator was gullible. He believed everything that the hack driver toLd him He could have avoided being taken for a ride by cross-checking the information given about Lutkins by the hack driver with the other villagers

Question. What do you think of Oliver Lutkins as a person? Give examples from the text?
Ans. Oliver Lutkins was a shrewd p rankster. Altho-ug h he was a countryman, he gave the educated narrator a run for his money. The way Lutkins befooled the intelligent yet innocent lawyer, he proved to be a sharp-witted conmart Lutkins was also a sociable person who was Liked by everybody. All the villagers whom he asked about the whereabouts of Lutkins joined him in his prank happily. 

Question. The young man earned for himself the ire of his office people on his return from New Mullion. Explain why.
Ans. The young Lawyer wasn’t able to complete his assignment He was supposed to find Oliver Lutkins and serve the summons on him as he was a witness for a cose and had to be present before the court Hence, the people at his office were offended as he couldn’t do his job.

Question. What did the hack driver tell the narrator about Lutkins mother? 
Ans. The hack driver told the narrator that Lutkins’ mother was about nine feet tall and four feet thick She had a rough temper and was great at swearing atpeople. She was a dreadful lady who could beat the souL out of anybody.  

Question. Who befriended the narrator when he went to New Mullion? Where did he take him?
Ans. The hack driver befriended the lawyer when he went to New Mullion to serve summons to a man called Ob’ver Lutkins. The hack driver took him to all the places that Lutkins hanged out art. They went to Fritz’s to see if Oliver was playing a game of poker. then to many other places and finally to Lutkins’ mother’s form. But all this was in vain. 

Question. What about the delivery man appealed to the young junior assistant clerk from the city?
Ans. The delivery man was the only grace-saving thing at the New Mullion station. He was a red-faced, plump man of forty years He was so cheerful and friendly that his warmth appealed to the narrator. 

Question. What do you think inspired the minister’s wife to sing the Loudest in church when she was most in debt?
Ans. It is a human trait that in the hour of need, one remembers God the most. One wants to pray hard to God to make Him listen to him/her and help one out of adversity. This is the reason why the minister s wife would sing loudest in church when she was in debt. 

Question. “Bill made me sound very important, and the woman was impressed?
(a) Why did this particularly gladden the narrator’s heart? 
(b) What does it tell us about human nature and the young man in particular?
Ans. (a) The narrator was glad to see the way Bill described his work and profession- The narrator didn’t have a very respectful job and used to do a quite unpleasant work of serving summons but the way Bill narrated his position gladdened his heart
(b) It is human nature to feel good when somebody praises us or represent us in a mighty way. In the same way, the young mon was happy to hear about himself in a good way.

Question. Why did the narrator think that in finding New Mullion he had found a ‘treasure’ ?
Ans. The narrator had found Bill a deep and richly human, and thought he would grow to love Fritzand Gustaff and a hundred other slowspoken, simple and wise neighbours. He pictured an honest and happy life beyond the strict Limits of universities and Law firms. He had discovered a new way of life as a treasure.

Question. Why did the narrator feel his job was ‘unpleasant ? 
Ans. The narrator was sent to serve summons. He had to go to all sorts of dirty and dangerous places. That is why he called his work unpleasant.

Question. Why did the young lawyer wish to return to New Mullion? 
Ans. The young lawyer was so impressed and overwhelmed by the warmth and friendliness of the people at the village that he wished ta return to New Mullion in order to start  practising law there.

Question. Explain how the narrator’s expectations fell short of what he’d expected when he was sent to New Mullion?
Ans. The narrator’s expectations of a sweet and simple country village were not met when he was sent to New Mullion As its streets were rivers of mud with rows of wooden shopsi either painted a sour brown, or bare of any point at all 

Question. Why do you think Bill offered to help the narrator find Lukens?
Bill himself was Lukens. He knew that the lawyer is searching for him. He wanted to play a prank on him and offered to help him find Lukens. Even he made some money in this process and made him wander here and there. He and his mother made a fool of the narrator and had great laughter.

Long Answer Type Questions

Question. Why do you think the lawyer was happy to take summons to New Mullion? How did the lawyer develop a perception about Lutkins? If you had been in lawyer
The narrator was happy to go to New Mullion because he thought that it must be a beautiful and calm village. He considered Lutkins to be a friendly person. He liked his frankness, warmth and affection. He took his kindness to be real. He was impressed by him notwithstanding the hack driver was doing his business and earning handsome money from the lawyer. He never doubted on him. He developed a kind of trust on him. He thought that villagers are very honest and decent people.
If I had been in the lawyer’s place, I would never have considered Bill’s statement true. I would have counter checked his statement by talking to other persons of the village. I would have spent the day by consulting different people to find Lutkins. I never let Lutkins do the findings and questioning, rather I would have done it myself.

Question. What did the hack driver tell the narrator about Lutkins mother? How did she treat the narrator? 
Ans. The hack driver told the narrator that Lutkins’ mother was a big ond healthy Lady. She was nine feet tall and four feet thick. She had a rough and bad temper and was great at the art of ‘swearing’ at people. If enraged, she could beat the souL out of anybody. When the narrator reached Lutkins’ home with the hack driver, the hock driver told Lutkins’ mother that they needed to know the where abouts of Lutkins and that the narrator was a lawyer representing the court so they had the rights to check the house too. Hearing them the woman went to the kitchen and returned with a red-hot iron rod to threaten the narrator and the hack driver. She told them that they could search her house only after getting burnt with the hat riddLe She laughed at both the men and forced them out of the house by her wacky behaviour.

Question. The young Lawyer was sent to the New Mullion again to serve summons to Oliver Lutkins. The next day. he went back to the village with his companion and got to know that ‘Bill’ was himself Oliver Lutkins. Imagine yourself as the writer of the story “The Hack Driver and write an imaginary conversation between Lutkins and the narrator in which the narrator blames Lutkins for duping him and breaking his trust.
Ans. Narrator: So_you are Oliver Lutkins! How dare you? II had spent an entire day with you and put my complete trust in you as Bill only to know in the end that I was being made a  fool
Lutkins: Sorry, young man. I am not a boring ethical person. I love playing pranks on people for fun. But I never harm them in any way. Also, I didn’t want to accept that summon that you were to serve on me. I don’t Like to appear before the court
Narrator: What a con-man you are’ You charged a Lot from me for nothing. I thought you were an innocent and helpful person. 
Lutkins: H hope I made you learn that appearances might be deceptive. You; need to learn a Lot  young man. You are such a naive souL in a world full of people Like me. 
Narrator: Thanks. I will always remember the lesson you taught me “Bill 

Question. The young Lawyer agitated all the people at his office when he failed in serving the summons to Oliver Lutkins.
Imagine yourself as the writer of the story “The’ Hack Driver and write the imaginary conversation between the narrator and his senior officer who scolds the former for being unable to complete his assignment. 
Ans. Officer: So, young man.did you serve the summons on Oliver Lutkins?
Narrator: No Sir, J searched the entire village for him but couldn’t find him anywhere. 
Officer: (shouting) Whaaaaati Don’t tell me you were unable to do the minimal assignment given to you. Do you know that this failure of yours might end your whole law career before even starting?
Narrator: I am sorry, sir. I tried my best. In fact, the whole village helped me find Lutkins but to no avaiL I even went to his house to search for him. But his mother too didn’t know anything about him. 
Officer! don’t care! All I need is to get the summons served on Oliver Lutkins. Go back to New Mullion tomorrow morning and serve the summons. Also, take someone who knows Oliver, along with you.
Narrator: Okay, sir.

Question. “Lutkins? I saw him around here about an hour ago. Hard fellow to catch though — always up to something or other Do you think the speaker is right about Lutkins? Elaborate with the help of examples from the text.
Ans. The speaker of the Line is the hack driver and he is right about Lutkins. The hack driver offered 
the narrator to help him search Oliver Lutkins for him. However, he warned the narrator that it was very difficult for him to find Lutkins as he was always upto something or other. The hack driver took the narrator to the Fritz shop where he thought Lutkins would be found playing cards. But Lutkins left the place to go to the GustafTs for a sha ve. At G ustaffis, the owner told that Lutkins had just left for a shave at Grey’s but Lutkins wasn’t found even there. He had just left for the poolroom. Again at the
poolroom, he was found to have Left a while ago. So, Lutkins was nowhere to be found and he kept the hack driver and the narrator on a wild chase for him. 

Question. It would have been very easy for anyone to spoil Lutkins’ game, but no one did.
(a) Why do you think every one joined hands with him?
(b) What does it reveal about Oliver? 
Ans. (a) it is true that anybody would; indeed have easily spoiled the prank that Lutkins was playing on the narrator but nobody chose to do iL In fact, everybody joined Lutkins in be fooling the narrator. The reason behind this is that every body Loved the jovial prank master Lutkins. They all were aware of how mischievous Lutkins was and they Liked him for his cheerfulness and pranks. 
(b) The support that Lutkins got from his fellow villagers tells us that Lutkins was a sociable and happy-go-lucky kind of a person. He hod a cheerful approach towards everyone. The way he talked to people was very pleasing ond loving. He had the ability to attract peopLe towards him and this is why the entire village became a part of his game.