Making of a Scientist Exam Questions Class 10 English

Exam Questions Class 10

Please see Chapter 6 Making of a Scientist Exam Questions Class 10 English below. These important questions with solutions have been prepared based on the latest examination guidelines and syllabus issued by CBSE, NCERT, and KVS. We have provided Class 10 English Questions and answers for all chapters in your NCERT Book for Class 10 English . These solved problems for Making of a Scientist in Class 10 English will help you to score more marks in upcoming examinations.

Exam Questions Chapter 6 Making of a Scientist Class 10 English

Short Answer Type Questions

Question. What were the factors which contributed to making Ebright a scientist?
What are the essential qualities for becoming a scientist, according to Albright’s teacher?
Sharp brain, d y observant, anal tic mind, driving curiosity, the keen interest in the subject and strong will for the right cause are some of the essentials for the making of a scientist. He should not run after prizes, have a competitive spirit but not in a bad sense.

Question. What did Ebright Like to do since childhood ?
Ans. Since childhood, Ebright used to collect objects. His passion was to collect butterflies, rock fossils and coins.

Question. Apart from science research what else was Richard interested in?
Ans. Apart from being a scientist, Richard was also a champion debater, orator, good canoeist and an all-around outdoor-person. He was also an expert photographer, particularly of nature and scientific exhibits.

Question. Why did Ebright Lose interest in tagging butterflies?
Ans. Ebright Lost his interest in tagging butterflies as it was a less rewarding job. Also, out of all the butterflies that he tagged, only two could be recaptured. So, ultimately, he lost his interest in it.

Question. Hobbies play a very important role in one’s life. Elaborate this with reference to “The Making of a Scientist” 
Ans. As there were no one to play with Ebright, his mother encouraged him to learn new things. Richard Ebright started collecting butterflies as a hobby. This led him to research and discover many things. Hence, hobbies play an important role in one’s life.

Question. What did Ebright learn Tn the county science fair? 
Ans. In the county science fair, Ebright teamed that in order to win the prize, he needed to show a real experiment rather than a neat display of research. He failed in the fair as he just showed the slides of the frag tissues and no real experiment

Question. Which book did Ebright’s mother get for him? How did it change his life? 
Ans. Ebright’s mother got him a children’s book titled ‘The Travels of Monarch K. The book described how Monarch butterflies migrate to Central America. This book opened the world of science to the young and an enthusiastic butterfly collector, Ebright.

Question. Richard’s mother was his companion and spent a tat of time with him. A parent should try to be a companion to a child. Justify.
Ans. A parent should always be a companion to a chid. Ebrights mother was not only his moral support but also his learning partner. She encouraged Ebright to study new aspects of science and for that, she bought him many books.

Question. Suggest two ways by which you feel scientific temperament can be developed in a child.
Ans. There are certain ways in which scientific temperament can be developed in a child. It can be developed by making a child read books about interesting scientific discoveries and encouraging her/him to Learn about science through experiments.

Question. The will to winp for the right reasons, was a quality that Richard had. Do you think this quality alone can help us accomplish great feats? Why/ Why not?
Ans. The will to win for the right reason can alone help us accomplish great feats. Determination, perseverance and the urge to learn something new even after failing at it make us achieve the aim finally.

Question. What are the qualities that go into the making of a scientist? 
Ans. The author mentions three qualities that go into the making of a scientist -a first-rate mind, curiosity, and willingness to win for the right reasons.

Question. Richard Ebright’s mother was his greatest support. Expound.
Ans. Ebright’s mother played an important role in making him a scientist. She motivated him to learn new things. She took him on trips, bought him telescopes, microscopes, cameras, mounting material and other equipment.

Question. Do you think Richard’s mother was too indulgent when she bought him things like cameras, telescopes, microscopes? Give two reasons to support your answer.
Ans. No, I think that Richard’s mother wasn’t too indulgent. She supported and encouraged Richard in everything that he didl She helped him with all his experiments by buying him the things that he needed. She wasn’t a too indulgent mother but an encouraging one

Question. Do you think we always need sophisticated instruments for all science experiments? Why/ Why not? 
Ans. No, one does not always require sophisticated instruments for all experiments in science. Some experiments require a deep study and understanding of the details of the subject.

Long Answer Type Questions

Question. Which book proved to be a turning point in Ebright’s life?
One day, Ebright’s mother gave him a book. That book was ‘The Travels of Monarch X’. It described how monarch butterflies migrate to Central America. This book fascinated him. At the end of the book readers were invited to help study butterfly migrations. They were asked to tag butterflies for research by Dr Frederick of Toronto University, Canada. Anyone who found a tagged butterfly was asked to send the tag to Dr Frederick. Ebright started tagging monarch, butterflies. The butterfly collecting season lasts only six weeks in late summer. He realized that chasing the butterflies one by one won’t enable him to catch many. So he decided to raise a flock of butterflies.

Question. Ebright had nothing really to do in his hometown Reading when he was young. His mother kept him busy with new books and equipment.
Imagine yourself as the writer of the story “The Making of a Scientist” and write an imaginary conversation between Ebright and his mother when Ebright gets bored.
Ans. Ebright Mom have nothing to do. This town is devoid of interesting things!
Ebright’s mother: Why Richie? Don’t you have to collect colourfuL butterflies and rock fossils tomorrow? Also, I will buy you some new books on butterflies by Dr. Urquhart. I have heard they ore extremely good.
Ebright: Oh great! I can also click pictures of the natural objects. I need a telescope for gazing stars at night. Can you buy me one mom?
Ebright’s mother: Sure Richie. You also need to finish up your school project at the earliest I will help you with that Your friends might come over the weekend to stay with you.
Ebright: Thanks mom!

Question. “Richard was competitive/ Mr. Weiherer continued, “but not in a bad sense.” He explained, Richard wasn’t interested In winning for winning’s sake or winning to get a prize. Rather, he was winning because he wanted to do the best job he could. For the right reasons, he wants to be the best Richard  Eb right’s journey to become a scientist shows that Mr. Weiherer was right about him. Explain with the help of examples from the text.
Ans. Mr. Weiherer was right about Richard Ebright when he said that Ebright “wants to win for the right reasons, he wonts to be the best” In the story; The Making of a Scientist”, Ebright lost in the first county science fair that he participated in. However, after Losing the prize, Ebright became determined to win it at all costs the next time. He wanted to win because he wanted to be the best of all He wanted to prove his theory right. He was competitive in the right way. When he lost at the county fair. he didn’t get disheartened or angry. Rather, he learned that to win the prize, a real experiment is required and not just a neat display. He took advantage of his learning and the next time, he came first He participated in several fairs and won severaL prizes to prove himself and his theories right.

Question. Albert Einstein said. The important thing is to never stop questioning.’ Richard was a genius who proved this quote true. Justify. 
Ans. Richard Ebright was a brilliant student He had an urge to discover something new always Albert Einstein’s quote ‘The important thing is to never stop questioning’ suits Ebright perfectly. Since childhood, Ebright was a curious child He used to read a lot of books and research on several theories. When he Lost in his first entry at the county science fair, he didn’t stop trying. He learned that to win, he had to do a reaL experiment and not just a display. Then he asked Dr. Urquhart about the ideas to work on Insects to win the fair. Anally, he won the first prize in his second attempt Later, he worked on Monarch pupa’s gold spots and how cells read their DIMA. He never satisfied himself after ccomplishing his task Nor did he stop trying after failing at his attempt He was determinant student who kept trying.

Question. Read the following quote. “Mother is the first teacher of a child.” 
Justify the quote given above in the light of contribution of Richard Ebright’s mother in ‘making him ’a scientist.
Ans. yes Richard ebright mother was was a really big role model for Richard ebright as she supported him in every type of ways for studying and for pursuing his dream and passion so this line also states that mother is the first teacher of a child and it’s true for Richard ebright. 

Question. Imagine Richard wrote a letter to his mother when he was studying at Harvard University for motivating him and being a constant source of support throughout his growing up years. Write that letter of gratitude as Richard. 
You may begin like this:
Harvard University
20 September 19XX
Mrs. Ebright
Dear Mom
It’s been Long since I’ve written to you………
Ans. Harvard University 
20 September 1981
Mrs. Ebright
Dear Mom
It’s been Long since I’ve written to you. I miss you a tot here. You have always been my pillar of strength and morale. I couldn’t imagine being a scientist without your unconditional support ll remember when dad passed away I was in third grade, my world; was shattered as he was my biggest support and my best friend. But the way you managed me with your Lave and support, I can never be enough thankful far that You became my best friend, my teacher and my guardian angel I will always be grateful to you. You have developed the enthusiasm of learning about butterflies in me since childhood. Today I am who I am only because of your hard work and guidance.
I love you so much