Stars and the Solar System Exam Questions Class 8 Science

Exam Questions Class 8

Please refer to the Stars and the Solar System Notes Class 8 Science given below. These revision notes have been designed as per the latest NCERT, CBSE, and KVS books issued for the current academic year. Students will be able to understand the entire chapter in your class 8 th Science book. We have provided chapter-wise Notes for Class 8 Science as per the latest examination pattern.

Revision Notes Chapter 17 Stars and the Solar System Class 8 Science

Students of Class 8 Science will be able to revise the entire chapter and also learn all important concepts based on the topic-wise notes given below. Our best teachers for Grade 8 have prepared these to help you get better marks in upcoming examinations. These revision notes cover all important topics given in this chapter.

Question. What is a constellation? Name any two?
Answer :
 A group of stars that appear to form a pattern in the sky is known as a Constellation.
Name of two constellations are Ursa Major (Great Bear) and Orion.

Question. Write the names of members of solar system?
Answer :
 Sun along with 8 planets, asteroid belt and meteors, meteorites and cometsl are members of solar system. The names of planets in solar system are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.

Stars and the Solar System Exam Questions Class 8 Science

Question. How can we locate the position of pole star?
Answer :
 For locating, the pole stars in the sky, first the big dropper or the Ursa Major constellation must be found. The bowl of the big dipper consists of the four bright stars.

Stars and the Solar System Exam Questions Class 8 Science

Imagine the two stars at the end of this bowl. Then make an imaginary straight line towards the northern direction connecting these two stars. This imaginary line meets the star called Pole star.The length of the imaginary line from the bowl is about five times the distance between the two stars of the bowl.

Question. Do all the stars move in the sky? Explain?
Answer :
 No, the earth rotates on its axis from west to east. Therefore, all the stars in the sky (except the pole star) seem to move from east to west. With reference to Earth, pole star in the sky does not seem to move because it is located above the axis of rotation of the Earth in the north direction. It seems to remain stationary at a point in the sky.