Through The Eyes Of Travellers Exam Questions Class 12 History

Exam Questions Class 12

Please see Chapter Through The Eyes Of Travellers Exam Questions Class 12 History below. These important questions with solutions have been prepared based on the latest examination guidelines and syllabus issued by CBSE, NCERT, and KVS. We have provided Class 12 History  Questions and answers for all chapters in your NCERT Book for Class 12 History. These solved problems for Through The Eyes Of Travellers in Class 12 History will help you to score more marks in upcoming examinations.

Exam Questions Chapter 5 Through The Eyes Of Travellers Class 12 History

Very Short Answer Questions :

Question. Name the plant found in India which amazed Ibn-Battuta.
Answer: Coconut – He wrote that the nuts of coconut resembles a man’s head.
Paan – He wrote about Paan that the betel has no fruit and is grown only for the sake of his leaves…

Question. Description of Daulatabad was given by which traveller?
Answer: Ibn – Battuta .

Question. Who was appointed as a qazi or judge of Delhi.
Answer: Ibn-Battuta.

Question. What was the profession of Bernier?
Answer: He was a doctor, political philospher & historiAnswer:

Question. Which traveller finaly settled down in India?
Answer: Italian Doctor Manucci.

Short Answer Questions :

Question. With which objectives did the people travel?
Answer: Main objectives of people to travel.
– In search of job opportunities.
– To expand their trade.
– To escape from any threat of natural calamity.
– In form of Soldier and priest.

Question. Mention any three shortcomings of Ibn-Battuta’s account.
Answer: He didn’t take notes of everything which he saw daily.
– Many things out of his memory.
– He also wrote those things which he heard from his friends.
– So in his account one finds such terrible mistakes as “wrong routes” and “wrong names” of the rulers.

Question. Describe the Social condition of India as described by Al-Biruni in the 12th Century.
Answer: Social Condition of India.
– Child marriage.
– Widows were not allowed to remarry.
– Practice of Sati was in vogue.
– Uncultured people were polytheists, but the cultured classes’ believed in one god.
– No one popular Religion of India at that time.
– About 42 religions in the country.
– Hinduism was divided into number of sects.

Question. Give any one feature of the writing of the foreign travellers to India during the medieval period.
Answer: To some extent, the personal prejudices and interests of the travellers colour the versions given by them.
– In associating the historical data, the writer has to be extremely impartial.
– They wrote about social & cultural life in India during medieval period.

Question. According to Bernier, What were the evil-effect of the crown ownership of land?
Answer: Absence of ownership of land,
– landholders could not pass on their land to their children.

Through The Eyes Of Travellers Exam Questions Class 12 History