Class 10 English Sample Paper Term 2 Set D

Sample Paper Class 10

Please refer to Class 10 English Sample Paper Term 2 Set D with solutions below. The following CBSE Sample Paper for Class 10 English has been prepared as per the latest pattern and examination guidelines issued by CBSE. By practicing the English Sample Paper for Class 10 students will be able to improve their understanding of the subject and get more marks.

CBSE Class 10 English Sample Paper for Term 2


1. Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow:

(1) Bubble wrap is a flexible transparent plastic material used for packing fragile items. It was invented by two engineers Al Fielding and Swiss inventor Mare Chavannes in Hawthorne, N.J. in 1957. However both of them were not trying to make a product to be used as packaging material. In fact they were trying to create textured wallpaper. They started out by sealing two shower curtains together in such a way that it would capture air bubbles which would make the textured appearance for their wallpaper. But this wallpaper idea didn’t sell too well.

(2) Not to be deterred, they then set about finding another use for their product. The alternate use they came up with was to use it as greenhouse insulation. While bubble wrap by itself does create somewhat of an insulating effect, this idea didn’t become popular either.

(3) It was three years after the initial creation of bubble wrap that Frederick W. Bowers, a marketer at Sealed Air, which makes bubble wrap, finally came up with the perfect use for their product. On October 5, 1959, IBM announced their new 1401 variable word length computer. Bowers got the idea that bubble wrap could be used as a good packaging material to protect the computer while it was being shipped. He then pitched the idea to IBM and demonstrated bubble wrap’s protective abilities. His demonstration went over well and IBM began purchasing bubble wrap to protect their 1401 and other fragile products they sold and shipped.

(4) One of the downsides to bubble wrap has always been the space it takes up during shipping and storage, for customers who are just buying the bubble wrap. In order to get around this problem, one of the dreams of the original inventors was that they’d someday be able to create a bubble wrap that customers could self inflate, as needed.

(5) While originally being used primarily for packaging for electronic equipment, today the vast majority of bubble wrap made is used for food packaging. Because bubble wrap makes a satisfying popping sound when compressed and ruptured, it is often used as a source of amusement.

On the basis of your understanding of the passage, answer ANY FIVE questions from the six given below:

(i) What is the purpose of bubble wraps, as we see these days?
The purpose of bubble wraps is to use it for safe packaging purposes for fragile items.

(ii) What was the initial purpose of making bubble wraps?
Answer.The initial purpose of bubble wraps was to use it as textured wallpaper.

(iii) How did the bubble wrap come to be used as a packaging item?
Answer.When IBM saw the need to safely secure their fragile computer parts, they used bubble wraps which resulted in the use of such wraps for packaging purposes.

(iv) What was the one downside of bubble wraps?
Answer.The one downside of bubble wraps was that they take up too much space during shipping and storage for customers who buy only the wrap.

(v) How has bubble wrap use changed in recent times?
Answer.In recent times, bubble wrapping is used even in food packaging.

(vi) Which company became the first to use bubble wraps as a packaging material?
IBM became the first to use bubble wraps for their packaging material.

2. Read the following passage carefully.

(1) Listening is the ability to accurately receive and interpret messages in the communication process. One of the greatest gifts any of us can ever receive is the gift of listening. It is also one of the greatest gifts we can ever give. Unfortunately, it appears to be a lost art. We live in a world where everyone is talking but few are listening. What often passes for listening is simply one person pausing to collect their thoughts for their next soliloquy.

(2) Hearing refers to the sounds that you hear, whereas listening requires more than that: it requires focus. Listening means paying attention not only to the story, but how it is told, the use of language and voice,and how the other person uses his or her body. In other words, it means being aware of both verbal and non-verbal messages. Your ability to listen effectively depends on the degree to which you perceive and understand these messages.

(3) Listening is a difficult task. Like every skill, the more you do it, the better you get. Listening can be developed through practice, or lost if not used regularly. Good listeners focus on what they are hearing. They pause to think about what they’ve heard before responding. They ask questions because they want to know the answers, not just to keep the conversation going.

(4) So often, we are distracted with other things. We try to listen while continuing to work on the computer or watch television. To be fully present means we eliminate these distractions and focus exclusively on the other person. It takes great effort to be fully in the moment, leaning forward, with your ears and heart open. Words are only part of the communication. Sometimes we need to experience the other person’s feelings to really understand. We need to listen with our heart as well as our mind. We must repeat back what the other person has said. When we do this – and do it accurately – we communicate what we understand. It also gives us an opportunity to re-calibrate our understanding if we have misunderstood something. Plenty of people are good talkers. Few are good listeners. If you develop the latter skill, you will find yourself invited into amazing conversations that wouldn’t otherwise happen.

On the basis of your reading of the passage answer ANY FIVE of the given questions. 

(i) What, according to the author, is a lost art?
According to the author, the art of listening is a lost art.

(ii) What is the main difference of listening and hearing?
Listening is the focus and understanding of what’s being said whereas hearing is the sound that you hear.

(iii) What do you mean by the phrase “to be fully present” in a conversation?
“To be fully present” in a conversation means to concentrate and be attentive of what the other person is saying without being distracted.

(iv) What, according to the author, is the key to an amazing conversation?
Being a good listener is the key to an amazing conversation.

(v) What makes one a “good listener”?
The ability or skill to focus on hearing what’s being said and understanding it makes one a good listener.

(vi) How is listening a “difficult task”?
Listening is a difficult task because it requires the skill to be able to understand fully, comprehend and be involved in the conversation.


3. Attempt any one of the given questions. 
The given double bar shows the sale of yoga mats over the given 6 months by the two shops. Study the graph and write an analytical paragraph in 100-120 words.

Class 10 English Sample Paper Term 2 Set D

You recently attended a week-long creative writing workshop organised by the British Council. Attending the workshop has made you realise that you have a real knack for creative writing and would like to pursue it further. Write a letter in 100-120 words to the Course Coordinator, British Council, enquiring about the creative writing course provided by them. You are Palash/Piyali of M-32, Netaji Subhash Colony, Kalighat, Kolkata.
Netaji Subhash Colony
6th March, 20XX
The Course Coordinator
British Council
Camac Street
Subject : Query Regarding Creative Writing Course
I am writing to you, seeking information regarding creative writing course offered by British Council.
I was an attendee of the creative writing workshop recently organised by British Council and developed a knack for it. Now, I wish to pursue it further and I feel that British Council is the best place to acquire that knowledge and skill.
I request you to kindly provide me with the details of the following:
(i) Duration of the course
(ii) Course fee and mode of payment
(iii) Eligibility criteria
(iv) Admission process
I am sending a self addressed envelope. Please revert with the requisite information at the earliest.
Thank you
Yours sincerely
Palash Sen

4. The following paragraph has not been edited. There is an error in each line. Identify the error and write its correction against the correct blank number. Remember to underline the correction. The first has been done for you.

Class 10 English Sample Paper Term 2 Set D

Error              Correction
(a) which          who
(b) that            it
(c) near            nearly

5. Read the conversation between Reena and Roy and complete the passage that follows :Reena : Is John at home?
Roy : I don’t know.
Reena : Can you please check for me?
Roy : Sure.

(a) John was at home
(b) him to check for her


6. Answer ANY SIX of the following in about 30-40 words. 

(i) What did Valli do after she got into the bus?
Answer.(i) Valli got into the bus and she looked at everything very thoroughly. When she looked outside she found her view cut off by the canvas blind that covered the lower part of her window. So she stood upon the seat and peered over the blind.

(ii) Why did Lomov visit Chubukov?
Answer.Lomov was a young wealthy landowner and an unmarried man of thirty-five. He was anxious to get married as he had already reached a critical age. So he decided to propose Natalaya, a girl of twenty-five years old. He visited Chubukov to ask for his daughter Natalaya’s hand in marriage.

(iii) Why is Matilda unhappy with her life?
Answer.Matilda is unhappy with her life because she ceaselessly felt herself born for all delicacies and luxuries. The shabby walls, the worn chairs in her house tortured and angered her.

(iv) How did Richard’s mother help him?
Answer.Richard’s mother played an important role in making him a scientist. She was a great source of encouragement to him. She bought him scientific equipment, camera, etc. She took him on trips and prepared various learning activities for him to do. This helped him learn a lot. It was she who bought Richard the book ‘The Travels of Monarch X’, which opened the world of science for him.

(v) Why did Kisa Gotami go from house to house?
Answer.Kisa Gotami was a lady who lived in Benares. Her only son had died and she could not bear it. She went from house to house to cure his dead son. Someone told her about the Buddha and she reached him to cure his dead son.

(vi) How, according to the poet, have animals got the ‘token’?
Answer.According to the poet, humans have been just like animals in their basic nature a long time ago. In their march to civilization, they grew negligent towards it. Thus, they lost their basic nature and virtues, but animals still possess their basic nature. The poet imagines that animals got it from where humans lost it and have retained and preserved it since then.

(vii) Why is the climb to the Brahmagiri hills an important part of a visit to Coorg?
Answer.The climb to the Brahmgiri hills offers the panoramic view of the entire misty landscape of Coorg. Besides, it leads to Nisargadhama and then, to Bylakuppe; the hidden surprises for the visitors. Thus, it is important to climb the Brahmagiri hills while visiting Coorg.

7. Answer ANY TWO of the following in about 120-150 words each. 

(i) How did Siddhartha Gautam become the Buddha?
Answer.Sidhhartha Gautama was born in a royal family. At an appropriate age, after he had completed his education, prince Siddhartha married a princess and they had a son. For twenty-five years, the prince lived a charmed life as befitted royalty. During this time, he was completely unaware of the sufferings of the world. One day, while he was out hunting, the prince came across, by chance, first a sick man, then an aged man, then a funeral procession and finally a monk begging for alms. Extremely moved by what he saw, prince Siddhartha gave up his comfortable life and went out into the real world. He sought enlightenment related to the sorrows he had witnessed. After wandering for seven years, prince Siddhartha sat down under a peepal tree. He made a promise to himself to sit under the same tree until he was enlightened. Seven days later, when he gained the high spiritual knowledge, he renamed the tree Bodhi Tree. He began to teach and share his newly acquired wisdom and understandings. At that point, he came to be known as the Budhha or the Enlightened One.

(ii) Intelligence or cleverness cannot be identified only on the basis of our work or profession but it comes from our inside. Explain it with reference to the chapter, ‘The Hack Driver’.
Answer.Intelligence and cleverness is not always related or dependent on one’s academic excellence or profession, it cannot be created, it is something innate that comes naturally to some. Many times in our daily life, we can find such examples. For example a teacher with a greater academic score can do poorly in terms of making his/her students understand a lesson. While someone with an average academic background can excel in making students learn something without complicating it and making lesson learning fun.
Likewise in the story of the Hack driver, the driver seemed to be a simple country man ready to help. The hack driver showed affectionate behaviour. He left a favourable impression on the narrator’s mind. But very soon lawyer was able to realize that hack driver himself was Oliver Lutkins. An educated lawyer from the city was hoodwinked by a simple country man.

(iii) Give a character sketch of Lomov.
 Answer.Lomov was a funny man. Physically he was weak but financially he was sound. He was a rich bachelor who wanted to marry Natalya. He was not really in love with Natalya but wanted to marry her because he thought that she was a good-housekeeper and beautiful. He said if he desired for an ideal or real love, he would never get married. He felt that he was 35, now he must lead a quiet and regular life. When he went to propose her, he got diverted. Actually, Natalya thought that he had come to claim oxen meadows as his own, quarrel took place between them. One more time they quarrelled over petty issues. Before finally proposing to her, he fainted and after that shouted a lot but finally succeeded to get acceptance.